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My name is Julie Lyon, and I am a small town Kansas girl with big dreams.

I grew up in Zenda, a rural farming community of less than 100 people, as the oldest of six children. From an early age, I appreciated the small town values I was brought up with, but knew that there was more to this big old world. I have seen more, done more, and been more places in my 44 years than most people will get to in their entire lifetime.  However, the most exciting part of my life so far is Coming Back Home!   

I believe that Rural Kansas is the Land of Opportunity and that effort always seems to go further in small towns. I have been working to enhance the quality of life in Rural Areas for years now, and I feel the skills and perspectives I have brought back HOME as an adult will benefit many of those living in Kingman County.

I have been attending or watching County Commission Meetings, across 8 different counties for almost a decade now.  I have learned about the budgeting process, roads and bridges, townships, mill levies, bidding, bonding, zoning, landfills, elections, cemetery boards, precinct committee positions, and all the things that it takes to make a county function. 

I chose to run for County Commission because I love the process of elections, the freedom to choose, and believe it is important to that we have a CHOICE in who we vote for.  I also believe that LOCAL Politics will always have more impact on our daily lives that many things going on at the State or Federal Level.  I am proud to be a Republican, a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a supporter of all things "Community"....right here in Kingman County.  

I look forward to engaging with you, and would appreciate your vote on or before August 6th. 


Bonus Info:  Things I love....(In no particular order)

Learning, In Person Meetings, Statutes, Elections, Painting, Laying New Flooring, Scraping Popcorn Ceilings, Shampooing Carpets, People Watching at Airports, Making People's Day, Rainy Days, Leaving things Better than when I found them, and Jack Lyon. 

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